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999 monthly active users of Pix2F!

Thanks! The numbers are going up again! Pix2F is now used by 999 monthly active users. Photos uploaded by Pix2F are commented daily by 67 users and liked by 70 users on Facebook.

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946 monthly active users!

We’re really close to 1000 montly active users of Pix2F app. Join us and start uploading pics to Facebook with one tap!

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Pix2F has got 599 monthly active users (according to Facebook)!

I’m happy to notice that Pix2F is now used by nearly 600 users worldwide.
From anonymous Facebook delivered stats users upload almost 80 pictures daily. Those photos are commented and liked about 50 times a day. That’s great too see that my app is used successfully by people around the world. Thanks!

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Pix2f used by more than 392 users on Facebook!

I’m glad to let you know that Pix2F app has now almost 400 monthly active users on Facebook. In the next posts I would try to update you with some more stats. It seems that reaching the 1000 active usrers is pretty close. Become one of the users of this free app and start uploading photos to Facebook with just one tap!

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Pix2F 1.0 available in App Store

Pix2F iPhone app lets you take a photo & upload it to Facebook at the same time – with a single tap. That’s it!
Go ahead and download it – it’s free!

Currently available in English, French and Polish languages. New localizations coming soon: German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

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